Why Did My Garage Door Brackets Break?

Gargae door Jamb Bracket

A typical 16 x 7 residential garage door weighs around 150 pounds. Add insulation to that
equation it pushes the weight up to around 200 pounds or more. Garage door brackets are small but
play a vital part in the function of your garage door. These heavy garage doors are joined to
the door mechanism by door brackets. When your garage door opens and closes the brackets
hold your garage door in place by connecting the door to the sliding mechanism. Brackets
allow the door to bend at each section as it is opening or closing. There are many reasons
brackets break and neglecting the condition of your garage door brackets is not a good idea. It
only takes one malfunctioning garage door bracket to create a situation that causes your garage
door inoperable. A defective garage door bracket can cause your garage door not to open or
close at all.
Reasons Garage Door Brackets Break
Let’s look at some of the reasons why garage door brackets break.
Lack of Maintenance – Noise and squeaky garage door brackets are one of the most common
problems. The noise comes from the friction caused by brackets due to lack of lubrication.
Occasionally you will need to oil your garage door brackets so they are resistant to rust. To fix
the problem use a silicon-based spray.
Poor Quality Brackets – Garage door brackets that are made with low quality materials are
naturally prone to break sooner than brackets made from high quality material. Garage door
hinges are very affordable. Buying the best brackets upfront will save money down the road.
Mismatched Garage Door Brackets – When replacing a single garage door bracket make sure
the replacement bracket or hinge is the same type as the rest of the brackets. Mismatched
brackets could unbalance the door by distributing the weight of the garage door unevenly.
Conclusion: Call A1 Affordable Garage Door Services today if you suspect your garage door
brackets are wearing out or need to be replaced. Our skilled garage door professionals can help
keep your garage door functioning properly. A1Garage door repair serves Plano and surrounding areas like Flower Mound, Frisco, Colleyville, Lewisville and more.

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