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Garage Door off track, time to call a pro

What Causes The Garage Door To Go Off Track?

There can be many reasons why a garage door goes off track. Emergencies happen everyday. Below is a list of possible causes:
1. The garage door has been hit while backing the car out of the garage. Many times we push the button to open the garage door and it may not open all the way. You may not look to make sure the door is open. When that happens the garage door gets hit and Bang! now the garage door off track.
2. The car was not pulled all the way into the garage and if the garage door opener settings were maxed out the garage door hits the car and goes off track.
3. A Broom, Bike, trash can or some object was leaning on the side of the garage where the garage door closes. When the garage door was closing the object got in the way and forced the garage door to go off track.
4. The older the garage door the more possibility of the metal getting fatigued. This is when splits happen on the middle sections. When the garage door splits the sections begin to bow in and eventually one side or the other will fall out of the track.
5. The torsion cable(s) are loose (wires on the side of the garage door). When the cable falls off the torsion drum it can make the garage door crooked. This may cause a roller or two come out of the track.
6. Sometimes if the torsion springs (that big coil(s) above the garage door are not properly installed or calibrated, if the garage door is manually lifted (by hand) to fast the garage door can get off track.

Garage Door Off Track
The homeowner tried to repair a garage door off track himself!
Let a Professional Garage Door Service Technician Do it for you.

How to Fix a Garage Door Off Track

Highly recommend to call a professional Garage Door Company. This is not a DIY project. The torsion springs are very dangerous and unless you have been trained in the functions and installation of garage doors a homeowner is better off calling someone for help.

Every time a customer calls our specialists will always recommend the homeowner to NOT touch the garage door for safety reasons. If they try more than likely a minor repair turns into a major repair or even replacement of the garage door.


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