Garage Door Styles

Garage Door Styles … So many choices today
What Are You Looking For?

In today’s world, their are many different garage door styles and choices to choose from, non-insulated, insulated, double steelback, carriage house, steelwood or custom cedar wood to name a few. What are you looking for in a garage door? Check out the list below. Click on the one that best suits your taste or desire. If your not sure, listed below are a few questions to ask yourself before making a choice:

Is your garage door front entry or rear entry?

8 x 7 sandstone 24 ga steel garage door with windows
Rear entry – Choose a Builder grade 25 gauge steel garage door or Better quality 24 gauge steel garage door
Amarr Heritage 24 gaugeAmarr Stratford 25 gaugeWindsor 730 25 gauge

Does your garage door get a lot of sun on it?

Choose an insulated steel garage door
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Insulated garage door
Double Steelback Garage Door

Are you selling your home?

Choose a Better quality 24 gauge steel garage door – according to a real estate survey your return on investment could be up to 70% or more return on your investment.

Latest Report released 4-1-15 from the Texas Association of Realtors

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18 x 7 24 ga steel garage door

Is there a basketball net above the garage door?

Windsor 790 Double Steelback Almond
  • Choose a double steelback with no windows
  • Shows less dents than a non-insulated steel garage door

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  • Looking for a more Modern Look
  • A Flush panel garage door has no raised panels and is a semi-smooth finish
Dallas 790 White Flush Panel
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