Custom Wood Garage Doors

Custom wood door installation and repairs

These doors are 100% Hand-Crafted Custom Wood Garage Doors from the highest quality materials available. The door frames are handcrafted to exacting specifications. The doors are hardwared, including struts. There are many design choices to choose from. The tongue-and-grove and varying design options are all applied to the door frames using the utmost care to ensure the greatest degree of quality that is possible in the finished product. Click here to see the 30+ design options available.

Custom Wood Garage Doors With Windows

Custom Cedar Wood Doors-1
16 x 7 Custom Wood Door with windows-1
8 x 7 Custom Wood Door Hardware with windows and hardware-1

Custom Wood Garage Doors With Arched Top – Hardware

16 x 7 Custom Wood Door No Hardware-1
18 x 7 Custom Wood Door Arched - Stained-1
16 x 7 Custom Wood Door with hardware-1
8 x 7 Custom Wood Door Vertical Arched-1
8 x 7 Custom Wood Door with hardware-1
8 x 7 Custom Wood Door arched with hardware-1

Hand Crafted Custom Wood Garage Door Features

  • The frames are constructed with vertical grain Douglas fir. This dense wood is exceptionally hard, stiff and durable making it an outstanding choice for garage door frames.
  • The Douglas fir is precisely “ripped” thus applying lap-and-gap effect for proper section alignment as well as rain entrance prevention.
  • Individual frame sections are manufactured and assembled with the entire door in mind.
  • The individual frames of the frame-sets are assembled to exacting specifications to ensure precise vertical alignment of stiles and horizontal alignment between the sections.
  • The finished bottom frame section has cross bracing, is manufactured resembling a truss to increase strength and durability.
  • Two struts installed per section on all doors exceeding 13’ in width to prevent sway and warp tendencies.
  • All fixtures, struts and hinge assemblies are commercial grade products.
  • The trim package overlays the tongue-and-grove giving the hand crafted custom wood garage door its distinct look and unique characteristics.
  • All counter balance springs are cut using computer software to determine proper wire size and spring length to prevent “hot” or “heavy” doors.
  • Optional hardware and/or window packages available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can these garage doors be stained?
A: At the very minimum, a protective sealant must be put on the garage doors.

Q: What type of maintenance do these garage doors require?
A: Use a garage door lubricant on your hinges, rollers and torsion springs once a quarter to keep your garage door running smoothly.  Doors should be stained every 3-4 years.

Q: Are these metal garage doors with wood overlay?
A: No. This is truly a custom wood garage door made right down to the specified size.

Q: My garage door is an off size.  Does that matter?
A: We custom build your garage door for you.  We will need exact measurements to assure that your garage door is correct, right down to the last inch.

Q: How do I measure my garage door?
A: We will need both width and height.  For width, measure from inside of jamb to opposite jamb.  For height, measure from the middle top of the opening to the flooring.  If your opening is arched, you will need to measure each side from top to bottom as well.

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