Broken Garage Door Cables and How to Fix it

Broken garage door cable

Garage door cables are located on the sides to lift and lower the garage door easily.  Eventually over time wear and tear can cause the cables to snap or lose tension by fraying.  Upon inspection if you identify a slack in the cable that wasn’t there before or a snapped cable, it’s crucial to take steps to ensure the safety of you and your family.  Read on to discover what steps to take to replace your garage door cable yourself. 

Garage Door Cables and What They Do

Garage door cables connect your garage door to pulleys and springs by running from the bottom and up along the sides.  The cables wrap around the pulleys when the garage door is opening and unwind when the garage door is closing.  This action turns the pulleys and causes the springs to stretch.  

Cables serve as a key function in your garage door system.  Cables along with springs are considered the most important parts of the garage door system.  With malfunctioning cables and springs an automatic garage door opener would not have the ability to lift the door. 

Signs of a Snapped or Damaged Garage Door Cable

Strange Noises – Listen for grinding, squeaking, other noises that are not normal. 

Garage Door is Stuck – When you attempt to open or close the garage door, nothing works.  Best to call a garage door professional immediately. 

Garage Door is Shaking – An unstable garage door is a sign of instability and can be deadly if it comes crashing down.  A professional garage door specialist should be notified.

How to Open Your Garage Door with a Broken Cable

Garage doors are extremely heavy and can cause serious injury.  Keep in mind at any time the cable can completely break causing damage to anyone close by. 

It is possible to open your garage door with a snapped cable, but it is not recommended but only in case of an emergency.  Only in case of an emergency take the following steps.

  1.  Pull the emergency release cord to disconnect your garage door from the opener.
  2. Manually open the door using the handle located at bottom of door.
  3. Using a clamp or vice hold the door open in place.

Remember only in case of an emergency are you to attempt to open your garage door.  Call A1 Affordable Garage Door Repair for any repairs or replacement necessary for your cables and all other garage door needs. We Service Plano and Surrounding areas like Anna, Flower Mound, Lewisville, Rockwall and more.

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