Steps to Take if your Garage Door is Stuck

Garage door opener

The garage door shares a similar purpose to the outer doors of your home such as security and protection from external factors.  Garage doors are not only a convenience for entering your home but protect and create a secure space for your cars and personal belongings.    A garage door can quickly turn into a nightmare if it gets stuck and won’t open or close.    Here’s a quick guideline to troubleshoot a stuck garage door.

Is the Garage Door Locked?

A locked garage door will not move at all.  Garage doors that are locked keep the door from accidentally opening and ensure the safety of your family and valuables.  It is easy to forget that you have locked the garage door.  If it is locked, unlock it and then it should open. 

Manually Open the Garage Door

Opening your garage door manually is a fairly simple thing to do.  Locate the red emergency release cord. The release cord hangs overhead from the door trolley that moves along the rail.  When the release cord is pulled, it disconnects the trolley from the carriage allowing you to manually move the door.  If you can open the door manually, then this indicates that there is an issue with your garage door opener.  Do a quick inspection to see if the garage door is plugged into the outlet firmly and make sure there is no tripped circuit breakers.  If circuit breaker is reading “off” then leave it off and contact a garage door professional for repairs.

Check Garage Door Remote Battery Levels

If you discover your garage door opener is working correctly and the garage door still won’t budge, the next step is to check the batteries on the remotes.  Batteries for garage door remotes are easy to replace.  Follow instructions for your remote, which in many cases is by simply removing the backing of the remote where the batteries are installed.  Once opened, remove the existing batteries, and insert new ones. 

Check for Broken Garage Door Spring

If your garage door is still not responding, check for a broken garage door spring.  Springs are attached to both sides of the garage door. Visually check to see if springs are worn out, any separation in the spring or loss of tension.  If you see an issue, it is best to schedule an inspection with a professional to properly diagnose the problem.

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