What to Do if I Have a Broken Garage Door Spring?

broken torsion spring

A broken garage door spring is a major inconvenience. It can leave your vehicle trapped out of the garage or even trapped inside your garage. If you have a broken spring, you already know the inconvenience that it brings, but do you know what your next step should be?

Don’t Attempt a Repair

When you have a broken garage door spring, you should not try to open the door manually. Garage doors are extremely heavy without the function of all the required springs to support the weight. Opening a garage door with broken springs can damage your garage door opener and the garage door itself.

Unless you have professional experience with garage doors and the necessary special tools, you should never attempt to replace your garage door springs. It is not a simple DIY project. Injury can occur if you have no experience due to the tension of the springs and the weight of your garage door. If a garage door is not installed correctly or has the wrong part, it may result in further damage to your door.

Hire a Professional

Garage door professionals are trained for all types of situations and have the experience and knowledge to properly fix and install garage parts. There are two types of garage doors springs: tension and extension. A professional can supply you will the quality springs that meet the requirements for the specific length, weight, and type of your garage door.

You can trust that a professional will get the job completed thoroughly and efficiently, which saves you time and helps avoid making mistakes or being liable to injury from doing it yourself.

Give your local garage door professionals at A1 Affordable Garage Doors Repair a call if you are experiencing the inconvenience of broken garage door springs. We are here to service all your garage door installs, repairs, and maintenances.

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