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How to open the garage door when the power is out?

Repair garage doors - Emergency Release CordDon’t get trapped… pull the emergency release cord… and open the garage door.

Here’s How:

  1. Find the RED cord (see picture on right) that is hanging down from the opener rail.
  2. Pull down on the handle. If the handle is not there pull down with the RED cord.
  3. A loud noise may be heard.
  4. The garage door should lift easily by pushing/pulling up on the bottom garage door panel.
  5. Keep your fingers away from in between the panels.
  6. If the garage door doesn’t lift easily or will not stay open, call a professional and get a Garage Door Tune-up.

Learn more about the LiftMaster 8550W Beltdrive Garage Door Opener that has a battery back-up in it so you won’t have to lift the garage door manually.  Just by pushing the remote button the garage door will open and close.

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Updated March 20, 2018

Why does my garage door close all the way then open?

My garage door goes all the way to the floor and comes back up…

Garage Door won't close because of sagging chain
Sagging chain on garage door opener
Black powder on garage door opener

If the chain is sagging on the garage door opener there could be several reasons why.

  1. Check on top of the garage door opener, the bushing is going bad if you see a black powder residue. If black powder is present, it’s time to replace the gear and sprocket assembly.
  2. Check on top of the garage door opener to see if the sprocket (the part the chain is wrapped around) may be leaning or bent. The garage door is very heavy and putting a lot of pressure on the sprocket and eventually that part will break off.  Time to replace the gear and sprocket assembly.

If you are seeing this issue it is time to have your garage door opener serviced by a garage door technician.

Why should I tune-up my garage door?

I know we are suppose to have a tune-up on our vehicles, why would I need to tune-up my garage door and garage door opener?

The garage door and garage door opener have many moving parts.    Overtime, just like your car parts, garage doors and garage door openers begin to show wear and tear.  If the garage door isn’t tuned-up on an annual basis, the garage door and/or opener can become loud, won’t roll up and down very well or can stop working all together.

What do I do after I back into my garage door?


When I was backing out of my garage, I hit my door…

When a garage door has been hit with your car there are many things that happen. If you are not a trained garage door service professional and try to put it back by yourself, you could potentially damage your garage door even more and end up buying a new one.

My garage door is crooked?

Broken garage door
When I was closing the garage door, a broom was in the way…now my garage door is crooked…

When your garage door goes off track trying to fix it yourself can be very dangerous. The cables and torsion springs will need to be recalibrated. Unless you are a trained technician, call a professional. This will save you a lot of time and money.

Why does my garage door not close all the way?

Garage Door won't close because of sagging chain

A minor adjustment may be needed on the garage door openers motor. Call a professional for a tune-up.

Why is my garage door opener loud?

Is it making a humming noise?

You may have a chain drive opener. Check the gears inside the case. They may be worn and need replacing. Call a professional.

Is it noisier than usual?

You may have a screw drive opener, which may need to be lubricated, and have a few minor adjustments made. Call a professional for a tune-up.

Does your door go 1/2 way down or almost closed and goes back up?

Your motor may need a minor adjustment. Call a professional for a Tune-up. The service technician will thoroughly check all moving parts to make sure your garage door and garage door opener is in top working order.

Why does my garage door not open all the way?

A minor adjustment may be needed on the garage door opener motor. Call a professional for a tune-up.

Why are the cables loose on my garage door?

We would recommend that you call a professional. This is a symptom that there is more going on than what you might see. Give us a call to come out and give you a free estimate.

Why does my garage door not open?

Is there power on in the rest of the residence?

Is the garage door opener plugged into the electrical outlet in the ceiling?
Check the breaker switch to make sure there is power going to the outlet.

Broken spring - one - repair garage doors
Broken Torsion Spring

Is the torsion spring above the garage door broken?

Look above your garage door, the big coil (called a torsion spring) above the door may have a separation or gap. Call a professional.


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