Why Does My Garage Door Keep Opening Up By Itself?

When a garage door is opening up by itself, you could start to wonder if you will need a new garage
. You may have even thought that you must have opened it or forgot to close it. Faulty garage doors
can lead to mishaps, so it is important to address the issue as soon as possible.

Garage doors that automatically open or close by themselves is usually referred to as phantom
operation. Fortunately, there is no need stress because the problem is rather easy to resolve. Keep
reading to discover what is causing your garage to open or close by itself:

  1. Your Safety Sensors are Detecting Something
    The purpose of garage door sensors is to keep your garage door from closing while there is a person or
    car under the garage door. Other things can give in the way of the safety sensors causing it to
    malfunction. Sometimes it can be something as little as debris or dirt on the actual sensors. Check to
    make sure that you do not have anything that is keeping the sensors from closing the garage door. If
    there is nothing, then gently take a damp paper towel to the sensor to clean off any dirt or residue on it.
  2. Your Safety Sensors are Misaligned or Broken
    If there is nothing on or in the path of the sensors, it could still be related to the sensors if they are
    misaligned. When safety sensors on a garage door are misaligned then the door can refuse to close.
    Usually this can be identified by a blinking light on your garage door. If there is no blinking light, there is
    a possibility that they may need to be replaced if they are broken or damaged.
  3. Your Garage Door Opener is Faulty
    The button on the garage door opener can get debris or dirt in it and cause pressure or sticking. This
    usually isn’t the case for new homes, but something to still check. Check both your built-in garage door
    opener and the garage door opener in your car.
  4. Your Control Board is Broken or Incorrect Wiring
    Sometimes the wiring and circuit connection can be off and result in garage door problems. Be sure to
    check the wiring to ensure that everything is connected correctly. If the wiring is fine, then the control
    board could be the cause. Faulty control boards can be the issue if you have frequent voltage
    fluctuations or power surges.

If you have reviewed all the possible causes that we have listed and still have not resolved the issue,
then you should contact a garage door professional. At A1 Affordable Garage Door Repair, our experienced
technicians can help you resolve this issue to get your garage door opening and closing like it should.
Call us today! Serving Plano and surrounding areas like Colleyville, Coppell, Mckinney and more.

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