Why is My Garage Door Not Closing

Garage Door Not Closing

The first thing to check when your garage door is not closing or partially closing is to see if there is something in the path of your garage door. Any object or even debris can make your garage door sensors prevent the door from closing. So, make sure there is no object in the way alerting the sensors. Check the tracks and other parts of the garage door. Nothing in the way? Keep reading to figure out the reason your garage door is not closing.

  1. Problem with Garage Door Sensors

Faulty Sensors

The most common reason for a garage door not closing all the way is due to faulty sensors. Sensors are located at the bottom of your garage door at the same level on each side. They work by sending a sensor wave to each other to alert the garage door not to close when something breaks the signal wave. Sensors can become faulty over time, while can cause the sensors to think there is something in its path when there is nothing in the way. Sensors are relatively easy to replace.

Misaligned Sensors

As mentioned earlier, sensors are located directly across from each other, on either side of the garage, to emit a signal along the bottom of the garage door. Sometimes sensors are working properly, but are not aligned properly. Misalignment caused the sensors to act as if something is in the path of your garage door. If a sensor is bumped or moved out of correct placement, it can result in a misalignment. Usually, sensors will indicate they are misaligned by a blinking light. Sensor lights are solid light when properly aligned, and a blinking light when misaligned. This can be fixed by realigned the sensor to the appropriate placement.

  • Damaged Garage Door Parts

Damaged Tracks, Cables, or Springs

If your door is not closing due to the sensors, there may be a problem with your tracks, cables, or springs. Check your tracks: are they damaged or blocked? Look for any bends and warps. Next, check your cables: are they worn or damaged? Lastly, check your springs, do you see a broken or damaged spring? Garage doors are complex, which is why we recommend seeking a professional for any of the parts that may need a garage door repair.

If you didn’t notice any issue with any of these parts, we recommend that you get a garage door professional scheduled to check it out. There might be an issue with your default garage door settings. Whatever the problem is the garage door professional at A1 Affordable Garage Doors Repair can find the problem and have the solution to all your garage door issues. We service Plano and Surrounding areas like Addison and McKinney.

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