Signs That Your Garage Door Need Repairs

A garage door is an important asset to your home and typically lasts for many years if properly serviced and maintained.  Not only do garage doors protect our cars and homes from the outside elements but add curb appeal.  Garage doors age as time goes by and many safety components may begin to fail.  Below are a few signs to keep an eye out for concerning your garage door needing some attention.

Won’t Open or Close

If the garage door won’t open or close, there could be several issues.  Garage door tracks could be blocked, the mechanism connecting the carriage to the belt or chain could be jammed, or you might be dealing with faulty wiring.  Call a professional to properly diagnose any of the issues.

Garage Door is Uneven or Sagging

Uneven or sagging garage doors usually means the door is slightly off track due to a problem with the springs.  Garage door springs are tricky and can be dangerous.  Best to call a trained and certified professional when it fails the balance test.

Shaking Garage Door

Strange behavior like shaking or jerking is unsettling to say the least.  Normally indicates something is wrong with the track.  When it comes to a garage door shaking, it is unwise to continue to use it until a certified professional has been notified. 

Unbalanced Garage Door

When opening or closing your garage door it appears to be uneven or slanted, there’s a good possibility it’s out of balance.  An unbalanced door becomes very unbalanced causing the garage door to become too heavy for the opener to move.  Eventually the motor will fail.

Garage Door Off It’s Track

A garage door that comes off its tracks is extremely dangerous.  Be aware that the total weight can range from 225 to 400 pounds and putting it on the incorrect way could result in the door falling.  Do not attempt to repair it yourself.  Leave any repairs to the professionals.

End of Garage Door’s Lifespan

Many factors contribute to a garage door’s lifespan but a typical garage door lasts 10 to 15 years.  With regular care and maintenance, it may last longer depending on the quality of the materials and climate.  Ask for an inspection if your garage door is around this age.  Maybe better to replace your garage door than to continue with repair cost. 

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