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Home Maintenance Tips for Garage Doors and Garage Door Rollers

In this article we will discuss some easy ways to ensure your garage door and garage door rollers are working properly.  Routine maintenance can help keep your garage door working for years with rollers being one of the most important parts to watch.  Garage door rollers, also known as wheels, play an important role in the functioning of your garage door.  The following steps will help you maintain your garage door rollers, so your garage door is always running smoothly.

Tighten Nuts and Bolts – Because your garage door moves, the hardware can loosen overtime.  Loose nuts and bolts can cause your garage door rollers to malfunction, which can eventually result in the derailing of the garage door.  All roller brackets and bolts that hold the rails to the support bracket should be inspected and tightened every few months.

Check Hinges and Rollers – Garage door hinges can often become broken or just worn out due to damage or improper maintenance.  Rollers with worn out bearings tend to get damaged after some time causing the garage door to drag in the track becoming unbalanced and derail.

Check Garage Door Springs – Visually check your garage door springs for signs of a broken or faulty spring at least once a month.  Never attempt to replace the garage door rollers if your garage door uses torsion springs fixed on the header.  Call a garage door specialist to fix the springs.

Check the Opener Chain – The drive chain on your garage door opener overtime can suffer a slackening or loosening chain.  This can lead to several issues including garage door rollers being pressed against the tracks.  To help avoid the rollers from being damaged it’s important to lubricate the garage door track and tighten the chain. 

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