Reasons For a Garage Door Coming Off Its Tracks

Garage Door off track, time to call a pro

Your garage door coming off its track could be caused by a variety of reasons.  It’s important that you know what caused your garage door to come off its track so you can identify the problem and most importantly keeping your family from serious injury.  Identifying the problem also could help you to be able to prevent it from happening again. 

Severe Impact:  The most common reason for a garage door to come off its tracks is due to a severe impact.  This is normally due to homeowners pulling out of their garage too fast or driving in too fast before the garage door is completely open.  When this occurs, the brunt of the damage tends to be located on the bottom sections of the door.  Depending on the severity of the impact the whole door system may have suffered some damage.  Usually, a few rollers could have come off their tracks leaving your heavy garage door suspended by only the lift cables.  Do not attempt to repair it yourself, call a garage door specialist to get everything back in working order. 

Tracks That Are Misaligned:  Another common cause for a garage door to go off track is misaligned tracks.  This normally happens when the bolts become loose, that’s holding the horizontal tracks causing them to move from the vibration of the garage door.  The risk for rollers coming off the tracks also increases with misaligned tracks.  Poor-quality tracks are the second most common cause of garage doors coming off the tracks due to the tracks not being strong enough to support the weight of the door.  14-Gauge steel is what most garage doors should be made of and reinforced with vertical rails. 

Lift Cables Breaks:  This problem does not happen often unless you have an older opener, in that case your garage door could be at risk.  Lift Cables are located on each side of the door that operate by winding the cables around a drum that is attached to a steel shaft.  Any kind of damage or roller damage to the door can cause the cable to break due to sudden stress resulting in the whole weight of the door to be shifted to one side.  Lift cables are under extreme tension and should be serviced only by garage door specialist.

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