Home Maintenance Tips for Garage Doors and Garage Door Rollers

Regular maintenance can help keep your garage door functioning for years to come.  Garage door rollers play an important role in the operation of garage doors.  A garage door malfunction can occur with a single faulty roller that can result in all the other rollers becoming out of balance.  There are many factors that can lead to damage to garage door rollers such as irregular maintenance or low-quality rollers.  Let’s look at some simple techniques to fix garage door rollers.

Check for Loose Nuts and Bolts – Overtime the vibrations from the garage door opening and closing can loosen the nuts and bolts that keep the garage door parts in place leading to the malfunctioning of garage door rollers.  Eventually this will derail the garage door off the track.  It is essential to tighten all nuts and bolts after every few months.

Check for Damaged Rollers and Hinges – Check rollers for signs of deterioration.  Look for rust, cracks, uneven wear around the bearings or other signs of damage.  Keep your rollers properly lubricated and replace any damaged rollers.  Check hinges for loose or missing screws.  Fixed or replaced any hinges that are damaged. 

Check Garage Door Springs – Check for any visual indicators that the spring is worn out.  Check for separation or gaps in the torsion spring.  Springs are supposed to be connected from end to end.  Hiring a garage door professional is recommended to fix any issues concerning the torsion springs. 

Check the Opener Chain – Check for loose or malfunctioning garage door opener chain.  This can cause jerky garage door movements that results in the rollers being pushed against the tracks.  To avoid any damage to the rollers, lubricate the opener track and tighten the chain if loose. 

Bring in a Professional – Preventive maintenance is cheaper than emergency repairs but it’s crucial that you leave any repairs to the professionals.  A1 Affordable Garage Door Services provide quality service to our customers.  Give us a call today at 972-877-5774

A1 Affordable Garage Door Services can repair your garage door, replace your garage door or even install a custom garage door. Serving most of the Dallas  and surrounding areas like Little Elm, McKinney, Frisco, Melissa, Plano, Murphy and more!

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