What To Do When a Garage Door Remote Isn’t Working

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When any garage door remote stops working, it’s usually an annoyance, but a garage door remote especially can be a pretty big inconvenience. Nobody wants to have to get out of their car and manually open a garage door after a long day of work. If you’re here to troubleshoot an unresponsive garage remote, give the following a try before contacting our experts for further assistance.

Refresh the Batteries

By far, the most likely reason for a garage door remote to stop working is that it has completely used up its batteries. Your best bet is to install some fresh batteries and see if that fixes your problem. The battery panel of most garage door remotes can be found on the back. Note that some may need to be accessed with a screwdriver. When you remove the old batteries, take a second to check the contacts at each end. Should they look dirty or corroded, clean the contacts and give the original batteries one more try against the cleaned contacts. If they still don’t work, dispose of the old batteries, and try a fresh set of batteries.


If swapping the batteries doesn’t work, it’s possible the remote needs to be reprogrammed to work with your garage door. Look for steps to reprogram in your garage door user manual or search online to find instructions on the website of the manufacturer. One of the most common combinations for reprogramming a remote is to press the “programming” or “learn” button and the open button on the remote. Hold until you see the light on the garage door opener begin to flash, and then press the open button one more time. This may resolve your remote issues.


It is possible, if the above steps prove unsuccessful, that your remote might be beyond saving. If your garage door will still open by use of the button mounted inside of your garage but your remote refuses to work despite brand new batteries and a recent reprogramming, then it may be time to purchase a replacement. First, find the model number of the opener, typically listed on the opener itself. Next, your local garage door company can help you locate a replacement remote. When your replacement arrives, you can program the new remote to connect to your garage door by trying the steps above or by following the directions included in the new remote’s user manual.

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