5 Preventatives to Keep Rodents Out of Your Garage

Mouse in Garage

Rodents like to seek out warm and safe environments, which unfortunately makes your home’s garage a popular choice. With rodents camping out in your garage, it can result in unwanted nests, damaged electrical wires, and unsanitary droppings. Rodents are an unwanted pest for a reason, not to mention the stress that comes with them.

Thankfully there are some preventative steps you can take to help keep out rodents from making your garage their home. Here are 5 ways to prevent rodents from taking over your garage:

Keep Your Garage Clean—

Although the cleanest garage can still be visited by a pest, a dirty, cluttery garage is more likely to have rodents. One rodent can result in multiple rodents rather quickly, so if you have spotted a rodent, it is a good time to consider the cleanliness and tidiness of your garage. Doing this can help address the issue and keep rodents at bay. Clutter gives mice and rats a place to hide, but if you remove the clutter then you expose the rodents.

Address All Potential Entry Points—

Check for openings on the exterior/interior side of your closed garage door. Common points of access are vents, ducts, pipes, drains, holes, and gaps. Damaged garage door sealants should be replaced to ensure your garage door is properly sealed. Sealants wear out over time. If you suspect that your garage door sealant is damaged or worn out, schedule a garage door professional to keep your garage from unwanted mice and rats.

Remove Food Sources—

There is no doubting that Rodents are attracted to food. To make your garage less appealing, keep all foods inside of your home (this includes pet food) and out of your garage. If you must have food storage in the garage, be sure to keep them in a plastic container to keep pests from nibbling through bags.

Check Your Attic—

Typically, if there are signs of pests in your attic, you are more likely to experience them in your garage. Since attics are usually connected to garages, it is a good idea to make sure all air ducts, piping, vents are properly sealed on both ends. Also taking care of the rodents in the attic will help reduce the chance of them entering your home or garage.

Address Garage Maintenance—

Rodents are likely to enter through your garage door. So, keeping your garage door properly sealed and working can help be a preventative for unwanted rodents. They can come in while it is opened or through holes or gaps near the bottom. Two ways to reinforce your garage door is to install Rodent Block Door Seals and Jamb Seals.

If you have rodents in your garage and need help reinforcing your garage door, you can contact us at A1 Affordable Garage Doors to inspect your garage and recommend the best route to prevent those unwanted rodents. We are readily available to help you with all your garage door repairs and installations. Call us today! Serving Dallas and Surrounding Areas like Frisco, Allen, Mckinney and more.

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