3 Reasons for an Off-Track Garage Door

A common malfunction of garage doors is when they come off track. An off track garage door is very dangerous and should be addressed as soon as possible to prevent further damage or injuries. Although there are several reasons why a garage door can come off-track, we will give you 3 reasons for an off-track garage door in this article.

Garage door off track frisco
  1. Track Misalignment

A common reason for a garage door coming off track is misalignment. A misaligned track can be caused by loose bolts and brackets. Cheap garage door tracks have been known to bend over time, so that is why it is important to make sure your garage door is installed with high-quality gauge steel to keep your garage door track from bending from wear n’ tear.

  • Damage to the Garage Door

You would be surprised how often garage doors can come off track after an impact of a vehicle. A vehicle incident can occur while backing out of the garage or ramming into the garage door from the exterior side. Garage door impacts will result in damage to the garage door itself and the parts and tracks of the garage door. A damaged garage door should be repaired by a professional to prevent making the issue worst or causing injury.

  • Worn Out or Broken Garage Door Cables

This is most common to occur with an old garage door that doesn’t get used often. Worn out, old lift cables can break when you least expect it. A broken cable can cause the weight of the door to shift to the opposite side of the door. This result in extra work from the remaining lift cable. When cables are not aligned the cables may break out of the blue. Regular garage door maintenance can prevent dangerous situations like this.

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