Why is my Garage Door Off Track?

Garage Door off track

Why is My Garage Door Off Track?

When a garage door comes off track it requires a garage door technician. Don’t operate it until it is addressed by a professional. An off-track garage door can cause major damage to the door if you continue to open and close it. There are several reasons for a garage door coming off the track, here are some possible problems that can cause it:

Your Garage Door Spring is Broken

A broken spring causes a garage door to carry the weight on one side. Once a spring break, the spring on the opposite side is left to support all the weight. This can result in the garage door coming off track. Garage door springs are under serious tension and must be resolved by a garage door technician. Do not attempt to replace the spring as a DIY project. Some projects are safer and smarter to leave it to the professionals. It’s safer and will save you time in the long run.

Your Garage Door Rollers are Worn

Other times, garage door springs may be functioning perfectly fine, but the rollers are worn out. Rollers allow your garage door to smoothly move up or down the tracks. When rollers are worn out, they no longer function properly and become wobbly. In a worst-case scenario, rollers can come off completely or get locked in place. 

Your Garage Door has a Loose Part

Garage doors open and close every day, multiple times a day. So, it is possible for a nut or bolt to come loose from simply daily use. Loose parts can cause a garage door to not operate properly. When a garage door is not working properly, it can have problems, such as coming off track.

Your Garage Door Experienced Damage

                Sometimes damage happens from an accident. For example, accidentally hitting the garage door while reversing out of the garage, something falling on the garage door tracks, or someone running a car into the garage door. These are common mistakes that can cause the garage door to come off track.

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