Garage Door Spray

What do you use to maintain
your garage door?

Garage door Spray to lubricate the garage door

Our garage door spray will quiet the garage door noise quickly. The manufacturers recommendation is to lubricate your garage door on a quarterly basis. Especially when it starts to squeak or gets noisy.

How often do you open and close your garage door on a daily basis?

In our industry the average is Four to Six times a day. The garage door is the “New” front door!

The real answer is different for each family. Some families will open and close the garage door at least ten times a day while older adults may only open it twice a week.

The garage door spray we recommend is made by National Industries and it contains No Silicone’s. Why is this important you ask? Because grease and other heavy silicone sprays will capture the dirt and debris on windy days. This debris collects in the tracks which in turn will clog up the tracks. When the tracks are clogged up with grease and debris the garage door will not roll up and down properly. (If your tracks have been greased and the grease is now very hard. Take a rag or object to clean the hardened grease out of the tracks. You’ll thank yourself after your done cleaning the tracks out!)

Having a clean and grease free track, the garage door will open and close smoothly. This will help the garage door opener last a lot longer.

Anytime the garage door is dragging up or down it puts a lot of undo wear and tear on the garage door opener. It tends to be a “chain” of events. (no pun intended!)

If maintaining your own garage door is Not what you want to do. Call A1 Affordable Garage Door Services to perform a garage door tune-up Today.

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