What is an Insulated Garage Door?

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An insulated garage door is intended to reduce the lessen the amount of heat or cold that is transferred from the exterior to the interior of your garage. There are a few things to consider to help you decide on if you should get an insulated garage door.  Most garage doors are not insulated, so keep reading to decide if you should get an insulated garage door for your house.

What is an Insulated Garage Door?

An insulated garage door is crafted with two layers of metal with insulation. Insulation helps to keep the inside temperature of your garage more stable, which in turn save money and energy. So if you are wanting to keep the inside of your garage warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, then you may be interested in getting an insulated garage door.

What to Look for With Insulated Garage Doors?

Insulated garage doors are rated with the R-Value. Some insulated garage doors have a R-Value and some are without a R-Value. What is R-Value? R-Value is a rating system which is purposed to measure how insulated garage doors resists heat transfer. If a R-Value is higher, then it is more efficient at insulating; A lower R-Value is less efficient with insulating. The higher R-Value works better because it has a thicker insulation layer.

Should I Have an Insulated Garage Door?

If you use your garage as a gym or workshop, then getting an insulated garage door would be very helpful, not to mention more comfortable. Or if you would like to save energy and money, an insulated garage may be a perfect fit for you. They certainly come in handy if you live in an area with really hot or cold climate, such as that Texas heat during the summer. For the areas that don’t have extreme weather, it probably will not make a difference if you have an insulated garage door or not.

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