How To Align Garage Door Sensors

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Garage door sensors may be small but are components that are essential to your garage door performing efficiently.  Sensors that are out of alignment will cause your garage door to malfunction.  Garage door sensor alignment does not require a professional and with the correct tools you can correct the problem in no time.

Necessary Tools and Materials

First gather the necessary tools and materials needed to align sensors.  You will need a screwdriver, electrical protective gloves, cotton string, and beam level.

Disconnect the Power Supply to Your Garage: Disconnect power to your sensors by either unplugging them if they are manually plugged into a wall outlet or tripping the fuse from your home’s breaker box for the entire garage.  Make sure to wear electricity-resistant gloves although the wires should not be live, don’t take any chances. 

Loosen Sensor Screws: Loosen screws on the mounting brackets of your garage door sensors.  Only loosen them, do not take them all the way out.  Loosen the screws by placing the screwdriver into the screws and turn it anticlockwise. 

Attach String and Tie Knots: Attach the end of the string to one of the sensors and its mounting bracket.  Make sure to tie the knot firmly.  Next, stretch the other end of the string across the opening of the garage to the second sensor and mounting bracket by a firm knot.  The string should look straight as possible. 

Check String Level:  Using a level, place it underneath the thread ensuring it runs level across the garage door opening.  You will need to check the entire length of the string to ensure the string is level before proceeding to the next step.  If sensors need to be adjusted, you can adjust them by sliding their mounting brackets. 

Tighten the Screws:  Once the level shows that both sensors are level to each other, you can begin tightening the screws.  Once tightened use the level again to ensure the sensors are aligned properly. 

Test the Sensors:  Once the strings are removed and you have ensured that the sensors are aligned with each other, turn the electricity back on.   Test the sensors.  If your garage door still malfunctions, contact a professional garage door repair company. 

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