Garage Door Track Repair

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Garage door tracks are the unseen workhorse that is one of the most vital parts to your garage door system.  Garage door tracks are generally the same for most residential homes using overhead systems.  Garage door tracks are generally installed on the right and left sides of the garage door and must be perfectly aligned for your garage door to function correctly.  Over time your garage door tracks can wear out from constant use and the slightest break or bend in the track can spell trouble.  The most apparent indicator of a track problem is when your garage door will not open completely.  Most likely this generally points to the door slipping off the tracks.  If this happens call a professional immediately.  This creates a hazardous scenario which only a qualified garage door specialist should address.  A1 Affordable Garage Door Services has the expertise to repair or replace your garage door track.  Garage door track repairs is one of our top priorities when it comes to garage door repairs. 

Signs of Damaged Garage Door Tracks

Often do a quick inspection of your garage door looking for signs of repairs needed.  Such as:

Loose Rollers – Loose rollers point to problems with the track.  Call a professional to repair the issue. 

Loose Screws – If your garage door is lopsided or shaking when opening, check the garage door tracks for any loose screws or bolts and tighten them if needed. 

Rust Spots – Check your garage door tracks for rust or corrosion.  Overtime tracks can become damaged from exposure to moisture or other natural elements.  This can prove to be dangerous causing the door to become unstable.  Reach out for professional repair or replacement. 

Other Repairs A1 Affordable Garage Door Services Offers

A1 Affordable Garage Door Services also repairs garage door openers, springs, cables, rollers, hinges, and lots more.  Give us a call today for any garage door repair, installation, or maintenance.  We have the expertise to work on any issue with your garage door.  Serving Plano and surrounding areas like Addison, Celina, Prosper, Princeton.

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