How to Fix Garage Door Gaps

It only takes the smallest gap in your garage door to invite unwanted elements, pests, and noise into your garage.  The seals at the top, side and bottom of your garage door can form cracks that might not be visible.  You may have to search for them.  

Finding Gaps in Your Garage Door:

Garage door gaps are sometimes visibly noticeable while other times you may need to search for them.  To do so, you can run your hand along the edges of your garage door to locate any drafts.  Another technique to locate cracks is to turn out the lights in your garage and check for cracks of sunlight.  You most likely have hidden gaps if you notice the following:

Water and Wind:  Water and wind leaking into your garage is a good indication that you have a broken seal.  Look at the bottom of the door where it meets the floor.  From one side to the other a flexible rubber gasket should extend.  If the gasket is torn, cracked, or worn, the seal is not tight when close.

Finding Pests Inside the Garage:  For pests, a garage offers shelter, warmth, and sometimes food.  These intruders can often gain access through cracks in the door.  Once inside they can damage any items you may have in storage and eventually find an entry point into the rest of your home. 

Street NoiseStreet noise from outside your home can leak in through gaps in your garage door.  This could be very annoying if you are using your garage as a work space. 

How to Fix Gaps on Your Garage Door

Side gaps on your garage door maybe an issue with the door stops weatherstripping.  From time to time this rubber trim needs to be replaced.  Caulk sealant fills in surface imperfections helping to keep out moisture and cold air.  As a quick fix you can apply caulk to the perimeter of your garage door but not, the door itself. 

How to Seal Gaps at Top of Garage Door:

Gaps at the top could also point to door stop weatherstripping.  Misalignment of the track can also cause a gap.  Get professional help if it is a misaligned track.

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