Common Garage Door Problems and How to Fix Them

Garage Door Needing Repair

The average garage door opens and closes around 1500 times a year and weights approximately 150 pounds or more.  With all that heavy lifting it should be no surprise that garage door issues will occur.  When encountering problems with your garage door, in many cases, there’s a simple solution.  This article provides some expert troubleshooting tips covering the most common garage door issues that may occur.

Trouble Opening or Closing:  Begin with these garage door troubleshooting tips if your garage door is not opening or closing correctly.

Check Plug –Make sure the opener is plugged in and the circuit breaker has not been tripped.

Manually Locked –Make sure the garage door has not been manually locked by accident. 

Check Door Balance –Perform a balance test by closing the door from the inside.  Using the red manual release rope detach the garage door from the opener.  Lift the door halfway and release.  It is properly balance if it stays in one place. 

If your garage door still isn’t opening or closing after these simple tests, contact a garage door specialist for a garage door repair.

Blocked Sensors:  Blocked sensors is a very common issue with garage doors that won’t close and most of them are simple fixes.

Check Photo Eye – Garage door sensors can sense things like dust, dirt, debris and even smalls bugs like spiders.  Wipe the two lenses attached to your garage door sensor by using a soft cloth and a mild cleanser to gently wipe off sensors. 

Check for Obstructions – Make sure no objects such as flower pots, toys or items are blocking the sensors.  Each sensor has a thin beam of light that shoots across the space where the garage door closes.  If something blocks that light, it prevents your garage door from closing.

Roller Problems – Examine the rollers to determine if they are causing problems with opening your garage door.  Try lubricating them first and see if this fixes the problem.  If they are still causing issues, they may be at their max cycle limit and need to be replaced.

Broken Springs – Garage door springs cannot be repaired or reused.  Do not try to lift the door by hand or using the opener.  This can cause serious damage to you or someone else.  Contact A1 Affordable Garage Door Repair specialist to replace the springs.

Strange Noises – Strange noises coming from your garage door is an indication of an underlying issue.  The noise could be loose rollers, chains, nut, bolts and out of alignment.  Call a A1 Affordable Garage Door Services if you’re unsure where the sound in coming from. 

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