Signs Of Garage Door Seals Needing Replacement

Garage Safety Tip 25 - Add weather strip

When does a garage door need a weather seal replacement?  Whether or not you have a garage that’s built into your home or a detached garage, the garage door is a blockade between your vehicle and any unpleasantly cold or stormy weather conditions outside.  The garage is simply much more than a place to shelter cars but a place to fix, create and take pleasure in the things you own.  When it comes to protecting the internal part of the garage, the biggest factor is your garage door.  Having a good seal on the garage door will form a barrier against external threats. 


Damaged Weather Seal:

If your weather seal is damaged or just worn out, it’s time to get a replacement.  Check for cracks in bottom weatherstripping, signs of droopiness or it has dried out.  Look for any tears or splits in the weather seal. 

Drafts and Light around Seal:

 Another indication you need to replace the seal is if you notice any light passing from underneath the door.  You may also notice your garage has a lot of drafts when the garage door is shut.  This could be causing a breeze to get thru to the inside.

Invasion of Pests and Insects:

If you notice an invasion of pests and insects, it may be time for a weather strip replacement.  The slightest gap around your garage door opening can be an entrance for pests.  Snakes are known to slip thru these tiny gaps.  Also, mice and rats can easily squeeze through these spaces causing damage to belongings as well as spreading disease.    Once these rodents are inside the garage, you may have to hire pest control to get rid of them. 

Remember your garage door protects your garage and home from external threats.  A good garage door seal forms a tight, impenetrable barrier around the door keeping all those threats at bay. 

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