Garage Doors Frequently Asked Questions

Buying a new garage door is a big investment and careful consideration is needed before purchasing a new one.  Below are some of the top frequently asked questions concerning garage doors.

Garage door faq's

How much for a new garage door?

The most frequently asked question is how much is a new garage door going to cost.  It depends on the customer.  Each garage door is customized to the customer’s budget and the need of the home. 

This price depends on several factors: 

The type of garage door opener you choose. 

The level of insulation you need.  If you require a climate-controlled space, you need to get a well-insulated garage door. 

What materials you choose, such as windows or high-end finishes can up the price range.

Which Material to Choose Wood or Steel Garage Door?

 Wooden garage doors provide a classic, elegant appearance that most homeowners love.  Wooden garage doors are generally custom-made for the home.  They are sturdy, heavy, and don’t easily dent.  They do require ongoing maintenance and are also prone to water damage.

Steel garage doors are generally cheaper than wooden doors.  Minimal maintenance is required along with easy upkeep.  They tend to have longer lifespans. Steel garage doors can rust or get ding over time but provide greater durability than wooden doors.

Insulation, Do I Need It?

An insulated garage door is the best long-term investment, especially when dealing with extreme climate conditions.  Depending on how hot or cold your area is subject to, determines the level of garage door insulation required. 

How Do I Customize my Garage Door?

Some of the best garage doors come down to the smallest details.  You have many options when it comes to color and finishes.  For extra details, you might consider decorative hardware like handles and hinges.  Installing windows can add natural light to your garage. 

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