Garage Door Rust and How to Prevent It

Rust can be frustrating and regardless of age, your garage door can show signs of rust.  Rust is a common problem for garage doors whether old or new, no door is immune to it.  There are several reasons why your garage door could be showing rust. 

What Causes Garage Door Rust?

The Environment:

The environment is one of the biggest factors affecting your garage door.  Garage doors are known to have rust buildup that forms due to moisture, especially for someone who lives in a coastal region and salt accelerates the process.  Due to the salt and humidity in the air, rust can develop quickly.

Northern regions where de-icing materials are used on the roads can cause rust when splashed on the door.  If your garage door is located close to a street, water, snow, salt, and other abrasives may splash onto your garage door from passing vehicles. 

Pollen can be mistaken for rust in the spring and early summer months.  Pollen can easily collect on your garage door during these months.  Since pollen is similar to the color of rust it can be misleading.  Give your garage door a good wash with tap water to determine if it’s pollen or rust.  Pollen will easily wash off with water.

Quality of the Garage Door:

Rusting is an example of corrosion, and the presence of water or air moisture is its cause.  The thinner your garage door is the quicker the corrosion will be.  The rusting rate may be the same, but you will notice it sooner in thinner metal versus thicker metal.

Dirt in Joints:

Regular cleaning can remove dirt, oil, and other grime from your garage door.  Your garage door will rust quicker than usual if you fail to clean it.  The joints should be oiled, and the door cleaned.  You can use the same soap that you use to wash your car, along with a clean, soft cloth and sponge.

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