Can Garage Doors Stop Working in the Winter?

Garages are a great addition to have during extreme weather conditions, such as freezing weather. The downside to winter weather is that it can cause your garage door to malfunction. Garage doors and freezing winter is not a good mix. A few things can go wrong with garage doors in the winter.

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Is Your Garage Door Stuck Open?

Reasons Why Garage Doors Stop Working in the Winter

Metal Contracts in the Cold—

The springs on the garage door can freeze and break in the winter because the metal contracts when  cold. This results in broken springs, hinges, or rollers. These garage door parts commonly need to be replaced, which may even make them more likely to freeze.

It’s important to keep up with garage door maintenance throughout the year, especially if your garage door is several years old. As a freeze preventative, you can lubricate metal parts with a silicone-based lubricant. Be aware that grease-based lubricants can freeze parts in low temperatures, so opt for silicone-based.

Garage Door Can Be Frozen Shut—

Freezing and icy temperatures can win against garage doors. The mix of the two can cause the garage door to be frozen shut. If you are unable to open your garage door in the winter, be sure to not keep attempting to open it or it could result in extra damage to your garage door. When a garage door is frozen shut it means that the bottom of your garage door has ice holding it shut. Thankfully it is a relatively easy fix. Simply, hit against the bottom of the garage door with a hammer to crush the ice seal.

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