Broken Garage Door Springs

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The springs are responsible for the majority of the function of opening and closing a garage door. Garage door springs are reliable and work hard, though there are times when they wear out and can break. It is important to know what to look out for when it comes to garage door springs wearing out.

Different Types of Garage Door Springs

For your garage door to work, it needs springs. Your garage door either has an extension spring or a torsion spring. Extension springs are located on both sides of the garage door. With the help of pulleys and cables, the extension springs work by extending and contracting. Torsion springs are horizontally located above the garage door on a steel shaft. They are tight springs with cable drums connected to both ends.

Springs are under a lot of tension, especially when the garage door is closed. It is most common for garage door springs to break while the door is closed. Although they can break while in the open position and cause major damage or injuries to anything in their path. Avoid walking under a garage door when the door is still opening.

Why Do Garage Door Springs Break?

There are three major reasons for a broken garage door spring: Wear, Rust, and No Maintenance.

Old and Worn Springs— If your springs are old and worn, they may be in their last days. Basic garage door springs are intended to last for around 10,000 cycles unless you have extended lifespan springs. If your springs have had several years of use, it could mean your springs are getting old. Your garage door may be due for maintenance.

No Garage Door Maintenance— Without regular garage door maintenance, you risk your parts getting worn out sooner. Maintenance helps keep your garage door functioning properly and get the most out of your garage door parts. If it has been a while since your last garage door inspection, schedule maintenance preventative with A1 Garage Doors. A professional garage door technician can advise you on how to keep up with maintenance in between inspections.

Rusty Springs— Rust is the enemy of metal. Just like rust can ruin other metal objects, it can greatly affect your garage door springs by shortening their lifespan. If you have old, rusty garage door springs, get them replaced to prevent them from breaking from corrosion.

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