4 Ways to Keep Insects Out of Your Garage

Unfortunately, insects like the warm and dry climate of your garage. They tend to find their way into your garage when you least expect it. Though the good news is that there is a way to keep insects out of your garage. Do you want a bug-free garage? Follow these 4 ways how to keep insects out of your garage:

  1. Don’t Keep Your Garage Door Open for Logn Periods of Time

An open garage door gives insects an easy way into your garage. Garage doors, of course, have to be open to get in and out or when you’re just doing a project. Though if you can keep from leaving your garage door open overnight or throughout the day, it will help to limit the number of bugs that try to invade.

The garage door seal helps to keep the garage door from the elements of the weather outside and even works as a bug preventative. If the seal on your garage door is worn and damaged, or missing altogether it can allow bugs to freely come and go. Inspect your garage door’s seal to see if it looks like it needs replacement. A proper functioning seal is one of the best ways to keep insects out of your garage. Don’t know if your seal is worn out? Contact a garage door professional to inspect it for you and get you a new seal installed.

  • Check the Alignment of your Garage Door

Maybe your seal is in excellent condition, but your issue is a misaligned garage door. Misaligned garage doors can still function for a time, though it can prevent your garage door from having a proper seal. Without a tight seal, bugs will be able to find a way into your garage. This is one of the many reasons why it is recommended to regularly get your garage door inspected and serviced. Misalignment is not always easy to notice, so it can help to have regular garage door maintenance.

  • Search for Any Holes or Cracks Around Your Garage Door

Once you have checked and addressed all the previous steps, it is a good idea to look around your garage door for holes or cracks that bugs could fit through. Don’t discount very small holes either. Insects are small enough to fit through even the smallest of holes. To fix minor cracks and holes, you can choose to use something like mortar or expandable foam. There are many good options on the market to choose from at your local hardware store.

Don’t feel like following these steps for a bug-free garage? Don’t stress about it. You can call us at A1 Affordable Garage Doors to schedule an appointment to inspect and address issues that might be causing so many insects in your garage. Garage maintenance is recommended as a regular preventative, even if you don’t have a major bug issue, it is an excellent choice to regularly schedule preventative maintenance. We provide garage door repair services to Dallas an surrounding areas like Grapevine, Highland Village, Irving and more.

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