What is an ORB? (Operator Reinforcement Bracket)

An ORB (Operator Reinforcement Bracket) is a needed accessory that better connects your garage door to your garage door opener.

What is standard, and probably on your door right now, is a small ‘nose-piece’. This connects the tow-arm of your opener to the garage door itself. When you open or close your garage door, this nose-piece is the single point of stress. It is pulling up, or pushing down, on the garage door.

The problem with these nose-pieces is that they are undersized for their task. Too often this is the failing point of your door. Over time stress is placed in a very small area of the top of your door, causing it to flex, bend, and eventually split.

Splits in the panels of a garage door are the most severe of problems. This can cause the door to become nonoperational, and need replacement.

What Does an ORB Look Like?

ORB Operator reinforcement bracket

To avoid this problem, and save your door, an ORB is recommended in place of the standard nose-piece. The ORB is a thick bracket, 21” long, that reinforces the entire top panel of the door, redistributing the stress of being pulled, and pushed by the opener across the entire length of the panel.

By having an ORB installed on your garage door, you avoid the possibility of your door splitting along the top panel. Or having the nose-piece rip out from your door completely.

Whether your door is new or older. Installing a single 8 x 7 or a large 18 x 8 garage door, an ORB is a quick, easy, and inexpensive option. Additionally, that will extend the life, make it run smoother, and operate more reliably.

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