POM (Peace of Mind) with the new myQ technology

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Control Your Garage Door Anytime,
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New technology is soooo quiet….

When was the last time you had to open your garage door manually? Hopefully never, however there are times when your garage door opener breaks down and it’s time to repair it or replace it. Now you have to make a decision – Do I repair it when it’s 5, 8, 10 or longer years old or do I replace it with a new model with the latest technology available?

Today we wanted to share with you the latest, greatest, newest, technology in the Garage Door Opener Industry.

LiftMaster has a new garage door opener with myQ technology built in.  Something we never thought would be possible for a garage door opener. You now can operate a garage door opener from anywhere in the world thru a smartphone or computer with internet access.

What is it?

The LiftMaster ¾ hp 8550 Beltdrive Opener
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8550 Liftmaster

WOW! Have you ever left your home on your way to work and thought, “Did I close my garage door?” And have a sinking feeling where you just can’t remember? Now you have to turn around and go back to your home to find out that “yes I did close the door?”

How would you feel knowing all you have to do is click on an app on your Smartphone or Computer with internet access, sign in and know within one minute whether your garage door is closed or open? Do you feel it would save you time, money or a stress headache? What is that worth to you to have peace of mind knowing your home is secure?

This opener has so many wonderful benefits. Learn more below to see if this is the opener for you!

  • Rolling code technology uses a new code at every click. Anti-burglary can not capture code.
  • Energy-efficient consumes up to 75% less power in standby mode.
  • Powerful DC motor belt drive system is durable, ultra-quiet and maintenance-free
  • Whole-garage lighting with dual-side 100-watt CFL bulb-compatible design.
  • A battery back-up so your garage door will open when there is a power failure.
  • Lifetime motor and belt warranty, Five year on parts and one year on the battery.

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