LiftMaster 85503 Beltdrive Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener with Integrated Camera

The 85503 Beltdrive Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener is the first opener with Streaming Video. Offers a 2 way radio so you can talk with the person in the garage live. LiftMaster myQ-connected Smart Garage Openers work with Key by Amazon In-Garage Delivery to provide Amazon Prime members with a secure, convenient place for all their package deliveries. No more “Porch Pirates” stealing your packages off the front porch.

Lifmaster Garage Door Opener 8550w

Key Features on Garage Door Opener

  • Integrated Smart Camera – View live streaming video
  • MyQ Connected – Send live-alert notifications when motion is detected
  • Power outage – performance

Watch The 85503 Belt Drive Opener Demonstration by clicking on the picture below

Liftmaster MQ Garage Door Opener App

Secure Garage Door Opener

  • Secure view video camera – Begins recording 1080P HD Video when motion is detected – even at night and allows for 2-way audio
  • Timer-to-Close – Can be programmed to close the door after a set amount of time – 1 min, 3 min, 5 min or custom
  • Security+ 2.0 – Safeguards garage access by sending a new code with every click.
  • Posilock – Electronically protects against forced openings
  • Alert-2-Close – Signals when a door is being closed by myQ
  • Motion detector – Lights the way automatically
  • The Protector System – Invisible light beam auto-reverses the door if there is an obstruction

Quiet & Reliable Garage Door Opener

  • Belt Drive System and Quiet DC Motor – Provide smooth operation and long-lasting service
  • Soft start/stop – for smooth operation
  • Integrated Battery Backup – Ensures garage access even when the power’s out

SMART Garage Door Opener

  • Built-in Wi-Fi – for the easiest way to connect the garage
  • MyQ Mobile App – Let’s users close from anywhere, open for anyone, and get alerts


Lifetime warranty on Motor and Belt
5 year warranty on Parts
1 year warranty on Battery backup, Camera, and Accessories

Included 85503 beltdrive accessories

880LM Smart Control Wall Console

SMART Control Panel

Model 880LMW – LCD Display enables simple programming and adjustment of settings

LiftMaster 893Max garage door opener Remote

3-Button Remote Control

Operates up to 3 openers or myQ Light Accessories

485LM battery backup

Integrated Battery Backup

Powers up the opener when the power’s out.

Powerful Add-on Garage Door Opener Accessories

Liftmaster 825LM Remote Light Control

Remote Light Control

Plug in any lamp to this device to control it with a smartphone or garage remote.

877MAX wireless keyless entry keypad

Wireless Keyless Entry

Provides convenient, secure access from outside the garage with a 4-digit PIN.

374UT LiftMaster Mini Universal Garage Door Remote

Mini Universal Remote Control

Compact and portable to provide quick, easy garage access.

Safety and Security

  • Integrated HD Camera streams 1080P video straight to your smartphone
  • Night-vision and a glare-resistant lens automatically adjusts to the light when your garage is opened
  • Alert-2-Close/Unattended Close Operation
  • Motion Detection Feature on Control Panel
  • Ventilation/Pet Opening
  • Down Safety Reverse
  • Integrated Battery
  • Safety Beam Obstruction Turns Lights On
  • Maintenance Alert System
  • Garage Door Opener Capacity up to 40 Remote Controls, 4 Wireless Keyless Entry Systems and 16 myQ Devices


  • Max 2 100-Watt Lightbulbs
  • Adjustable Time
  • Enhanced CFL (Compact Fluorescent) Compatible, MAX 26 Watts
  • Disabled in Battery Backup Mode
Liftmaster 85503 Smart Garage Door Opener
Watch the LiftMaster 85503 Beltdrive Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener Video by clicking on the picture

Standard Specs.

  • Security 2.0
  • Radio Controls – operating range ~200′
  • Operating temperature – -40F to 150F
  • 3-Button Remote Control – 893MAX
    -Remote Control: 310, 315 and 390 mhz Tri-Band**
    -Garage Door Opener : Frequency Agile on 310, 315 and 390MHz
    -Anti-Burglary Coding
    **Tri-band on Se
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