Garage Door Support Strut



Garage Door Support Strut is a support strut that is designed to “stiffen” the metal garage door sections and make them stronger. This will help the garage door last longer especially if a garage door opener is attached to the garage door. Sometimes the garage door support strut is used to “band-aid” a garage door temporarily by placing it on a second or third section to hold it together if it is bending or flopping as the garage door is moving.

A garage door support strut

  • Should be placed on the top section of all metal garage doors including a small 8′ garage door
  • 3″ – 16 gauge hot dipped galvanized steel
  • Can be cut to size of garage door

Customers can buy this product at our Plano Showroom. Bring a vehicle or truck that is big enough to take this product home safely!

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