Carriage House Design

Non-Insulated – Insulated – Double Steelback Options

The Windsor Carriage House Design combines the simple elegance of yesteryear in the look of an easily maintained steel garage door. The Carriage House design comes in the Windsor model 730 non-insulated or insulated garage door or the Windsor model 790 which is a double steelback garage door with 2″ of insulation sandwiched between the two layers of steel.

The Carriage House design will add charm with or without windows.  For a decorative look, add hardware.

Carriage House Design Features

  • Deep embossed wood-grain texture reminiscent of the classic carriage style
  • Sturdy Tog-L-Loc™ construction
  • Tongue and groove joint construction seals and aligns the sections for a snug, weather tight fit
  • Full-width vinyl bottom weather-seal fits tight against floors sealing out moisture, light and energy leaks
  • Decorative Black Iron hardware is optional
  • Optional laid-in-place polystyrene insulation with a vinyl backing is available on the Windsor model 730 only

Available Colors

Polar WhiteAlmondSandstone
Polar white sample color garage doorAlmond sample color garage doorSandstone sample color garage door

Double Window Design Inserts*

Ashton RanchAugusta RanchCascade RanchChurchill RanchKennsington Ranch
Ashton Ranch Garage Door Window InsertsAugusta Ranch Garage Door Window InsertCascade Ranch Garage Door Window InsertsChurchill Ranch Garage Door Window InsertKennsington Ranch Garage Door Window Inserts
Majestic RanchMonticello RanchSomerton RanchStockbridge RanchWaterton Ranch
Majestic Ranch Garage Door Window InsertMonticello Ranch Garage Door Window InsertsSommerton Ranch Garage Door Window InsertsStockbridge Ranch Garage Door Window InsertWaterton Ranch Garage Door Window Inserts
Beveled Acrylic Inserts*
Horizon InsertSaturn InsertIris Insert
Horizon Beveled Acrylic InsertSaturn Beveled Acrylic InsertIris Beveled Acrylic Insert

*Some inserts and colors may not be available for all garage doors.  Please contact us to verify the availability.

Decorative Hardware

Decorative Hardware for Carriage House Design Garage Doors