Tips to Prevent Bugs in Your Garage

No matter the time of year, bugs love to sneak into your garage. To prevent little crawlers from entering your garage, you should make it a habit to regularly consider the best approach each season. In some cases, a garage door may need to be repaired to prevent bugs from entering, such as adding or replacing the seal. Of course, there is always the preventive to spray insecticide and set up traps, but the problem might be further addressed by applying these tips:

Keep Moisture Out

Some people like to keep their garage doors open, even in the rain. Rainwater can collect in places that go unnoticed, behind objects or storage containers. If water remains in a garage, it may cause unwanted moisture. A dry climate is ideal for the inside of a garage, especially if you want to prevent unwanted bugs from venturing throughout or making a home.

You can help keep the pesky mosquitoes, who breed in standing water, from taking over your garage by deal with any water collections. Whether it is damp, wet spots, or standing water, you don’t want it!

Consider What Your Store

Some reasons to blame for an increase in pests are as simple as what you are storing in your garage. Many people store food for their pets and even non-perishable items in their garage. In those instances, it is vital that all food items are properly sealed. Any unsealed food products will be found by the pest. To prevent the bugs from munching, make sure that all food items are not open.

Seal Openings

Check your garage for tiny cracks, or small holes that bugs can get through. Break out your caulking gun and fill in all the spots you discover. It is amazing the difference a little caulk can do!

While searching if you notice any gapping between the sides or the bottom of your garage, the pesty bugs will still have a chance to enter. A good way to go the extra mile to prevent bugs is to consider getting a garage door threshold seal. A garage door threshold seal helps with not only bugs but also with water from creeping in too.

Should I Buy a Threshold Seal or Hire a Professional?

A store-bought garage door threshold seal is possible to do by yourself, though it can be too complicated for a DIY if you don’t know what you’re doing. With time and learning, you may be able to install one yourself but to save you time and inconvenience you can hire a professional. With a garage door professional for A1 Affordable Garage Door, you get to sit back while we do all the work, to save you time while ensuring that your seal will be properly installed in the end.

Whether it is a first-time installation or a replacement, you can count on us at A1 Affordable Garage Door Repair in Plano. Give us a call today to address any of your garage door needs.

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