My Garage Door Is Off Track – What Do I Do?

Garage Door Not Closing off track

An off-track garage door is a relatively common problem for garage doors. Regardless of how common it is, it is a major inconvenience in our busy and fast-paced lives. Nobody wants to have their vehicle stuck inside or even outside their garage.

A malfunctioning garage door should be addressed soon to prevent any further damage. A good way to prevent serious damage is to disengage the garage door from the opener by pulling the center rope connect to the opener. Once the opener is disengaged from the garage door, you can now safely and successfully open and close your garage door manually.

Why is My Garage Door Off Track?

Damaged Tracks

If your tracks appear to be dented or damaged, that may be the blame for your garage door issue. Tracks can get dents from garbage cans and vehicles ramming into the side of them. When tracks are severely damaged, it is usually best to replace them, instead of attempting to bend them back in place. 

Loose Tracks or Parts

Commonly, the tracks can separate from the wall of your garage, resulting in a malfunctioning garage door and off-track rollers.  Loose parts, such as bolts, hinges, and screws can also affect the function of your garage door. In some cases, it is as easy as using a ratchet or wrench to tighten loose parts, if you have the experience or knowledge of garage doors repairs.

Rollers are Misaligned

Sometimes the tracks themselves don’t have the problem, but rather, the problem is the rollers that move along the tracks. Do your tracks look like they are in great condition? Your rollers may be misaligned.

Dirty or Faulty Rollers

Rollers can wear out or accumulate grime over time. Garage door rollers are overlooked when it comes to cleaning, so it is no surprise for dirt and debris to affect their function. If your rollers look dirty and grimy, you can try cleaning them with an all-purpose household cleaner. If the rollers are faulty due to a lack of lubrication, you can use a spray silicone lubricant on them to improve their function.

Some of these issues can be fixed by yourself, if it is an easy fix and you understand what to look for, but many issues are best to leave to a garage door professional. If you are still clueless as to why your garage door is off track or malfunctioning, you can contact the professionals at A1 Affordable Garage Doors repair to help resolve the issue. Our professionals are experienced and trained to fix, install, and maintenance all different types of garage doors. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment. We service most of Dallas and Surrounding areas including Lowry Crossing, McKinney, and Rowlett.

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