A Simple Fix for Squeaky Garage Doors

Here are two simple steps on how to fix a squeaky garage door and ways to prevent it from squeaky:

Step One – Lubricate

Lubrication is always a good choice to start with. To lubricate your garage door, use a metal or garage lubricant for the chains and on the tracks. Silicone-based lubricants work better than oil-based because oil lubricants get dirty over time and are more difficult to handle. By lubricating your garage door every year, you can help with squeaking and keep your garage door in optimal condition for longer. 

Step Two – Tighten Parts

If it is still squeaky after lubrication, the next option would be to tighten up the bolts and nuts on the structure of the garage door. Be careful to not overtighten, since it can be more damaging than good. If you don’t feel comfortable about tightening parts, you can call your local garage door experts at A1 Affordable Garage Doors in Plano.

Step Three – Schedule a Professional

Still squeaky? It may be time to replace old or worn parts, such as hinges and rollers. If a part no longer performs correctly, it is important to replace the part to prevent the part from causing further damage to your garage door. It is possible to buy rollers and hinges at hardware stores for home repair if you are very experienced with garage doors, but we recommend hiring a professional to get the job done. Due to the complexity and weight of garage doors, it is best to leave the job to the professionals.

Do you need assistance with your squeaky garage door?  Schedule your appointment with our professional technicians today. We will be happy to serve you by servicing your garage door repair needs so that your garage door will be back to working properly and efficiently.

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