Problems with Automatic Garage Doors

Need help with your automatic garage door? Is your garage door not opening? Garage door malfunctions happen. Sometimes problems seem to come at the worst of time. If you need to get your garage door fixed as soon as possible you can contact A1 Garage Doors today to schedule a garage door specialist appointment.

Here are some of our most common automatic garage door problems:

Garage Door is Stuck When Opening or Closing—

If your garage door gets stuck when you are opening or closing, it may be that the metal rollers need to be lubricated. When the metal rollers are not lubricated well enough, they will not be able to properly roll. Another reason for a stuck garage door may be caused by a clogged, dirty track, which prevents the rollers from continuing rolling on the track.

Garage Door is Not Opening or Closing—

When an automatic garage door fails to open or close, it can sometimes be due to an issue with the keypad, or your remote may need to be reprogrammed. You could always try to reprogram on your own, if that doesn’t work it is best to schedule a professional to search out and fix the issue.

Garage Door Slamming Down When Closing—

The extension springs on your garage door may be pulled too taut, which causes the door to slam closed. If the springs are too tight, they will not extend the proper length. Worn out springs must be replaced to prevent further damage.

Whatever the problem is with your garage door, our specialist at A1 Garage Doors will have the solution to your problem. Our Garage Door Repair Specialists are ready to help alleviate your issue quickly and efficiently. Whether it is a minor repair or a full repair, we can successfully get it completed for you. Call us today to schedule an appointment. We service the Entire Dfw Metroplex including Frisco

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