Broken Spring Repair

When a garage door doesn’t work or lift the garage anymore it may it may need a broken spring repair. This is one of the most dangerous jobs and should not be done by an untrained homeowner.

We have heard many terrible stories relating to a homeowner trying to fix the broken spring. I will spare you the details because some of it is pretty nasty, but you can get the picture.

There are two types of garage door springs that you may find on your garage door. The first are extension springs. These springs are located on each side of the door. The Second style is torsion springs. These are located above the garage door. These springs are the most dangerous and difficult to handle if you aren’t properly trained. Torsion spring repairs require a professional to have it taken care of.

How you can tell if you have a broken spring? Most of the time the garage door will not open or only opens 2-3 inches and then stops. The garage door opener is not made to be able to lift the weight of the garage door when a you have a broken garage door spring. Most of the time you will see a gap in the coil or the cable dangling loose from the sides of the garage door.

Broken springs will need to be replaced and they are best replaced in twos. Many times if you observe that your garage door isn’t working and the springs aren’t broken, then there’s a good chance that a cable might be broken or has come loose.

The other type of broken spring may be from a Wayne Dalton garage door that has a large tube above the garage door. Inside that tube is a spring. It can not be seen with the naked eye, however the garage door may be very hard to lift or very sluggish going up. We highly recommend doing a torsion conversion as not many companies carry the correct size spring or have the tool to make the adjustment to the torsion tube to rewind the spring.

A torsion conversion may be more costly up front because there are many parts to the top of the garage door that will need to be replaced, however the torsion springs last a lot longer than the small spring inside of the torsion tube.

Garage Door Broken spring repair is our specialty and A1 Affordable Garage Door Services can handle all broken garage door springs, torsion conversions and offer lifetime torsion springs.

A1 Affordable Garage Door Repair Services Dallas and surrounding areas including Melissa, Murphy, Princeton and more.

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