Garage Door – Windsor Model 790 Double Steelback

  • Windsor 790 Double Steelback Almond
    16 x 7 Almond short raised panel with 2 piece Colonial Inserts
Windsor Model 790 Windsor Garage Door
  • Garage door – Windsor model 790 double steelback is a 2″ thick steel front panel and steel back panel with a solid core of polystyrene insulation.  Commonly called a sandwich type garage door.
  • This premium door provides excellent strength, insulation and security, as well as a pleasing appearance from the outside and inside of the garage door.
  • Choose from four different panel designs and four color choices.
  • Add windows and decorative window inserts that will add the perfect finishing touch.

Colors Available

Polar WhiteAlmondSandstoneBrown
Polar white sample color garage doorAlmond sample color garage doorSandstone sample color garage doorBrown sample color garage door

Panel Designs

Short Raised PanelLong Ranch PanelFlush PanelCarriage Style Panel
Raised panel design on garage doorRanch panel design on garage doorFlush panel design on garage doorCarriage House panel design on garage door

Standard Window Panel Design Inserts*

Ashton Garage Door Window InsertAugusta Garaage Door Window InsertCascade Garage Door Window InsertChurchill Garage Door Window InsertsKennsington Garage Door InsertMajestic Garage Door Insert
MonticelloOaklawnStockbridgeStockford WatertonColonial 4 pc
Monteicello Garage Door Window InsertsOaklawn Garage Door Window InsertStockbridge Garage Door Window InsertStockford Garage Door Window InsertWaterton Garage Door Window InsertColonial Garage Door Insert

Long Window Ranch Panel Design Inserts*

Ashton RanchAugusta RanchCascade RanchChurchill RanchKennsington Ranch
Ashton Ranch Garage Door Window InsertsAugusta Ranch Garage Door Window InsertCascade Ranch Garage Door Window InsertsChurchill Ranch Garage Door Window InsertKennsington Ranch Garage Door Window Inserts
Majestic RanchMonticello RanchSomerton RanchStockbridge RanchWaterton Ranch
Majestic Ranch Garage Door Window InsertMonticello Ranch Garage Door Window InsertsSommerton Ranch Garage Door Window InsertsStockbridge Ranch Garage Door Window InsertWaterton Ranch Garage Door Window Inserts

Beveled Acrylic Inserts for Model 790 Only*

Horizon InsertSaturn Insert Iris Insert
Horizon  Beveled Acrylic InsertSaturn Beveled Acrylic InsertIris Beveled Acrylic Insert

*Some inserts and colors may not be available.  Please contact us to verify availability.

Garage Door – Windsor Model 790 Double Steelback – Features

    The flush steel interior gives the door a cleaner appearance while adding strength sound resistance and energy values.
    The CFC-FREE polystyrene insulation foam is bonded between steel panels providing an 8.5 R-Value. The standard thermal break minimizes transfer of exterior temperatures and drafts, and reduces everyday
    wear and tear between sections.
    The bulb type vinyl bottom weather seal fits tight against the floor sealing out moisture, light and energy leaks.
    Commercial grade 14 gauge steel hinges and 11 BB neoprene rollers are used for long life and smooth, quiet operation.


Lifetime warranty on the sections against manufacturers defects and three years on the parts.