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Have you ever driven away from your home and wondered….. Did I close my garage door? Then you turned around and drove back to see that the garage door was closed? Admit it, you’ve done this yourself…

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LiftMaster 8550 DC Battery Backup belt drive garage door opener

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With the MyQ technology you can be alerted every time your garage door opens or closes so instead of turning around and going back to check, you will know from the alert on your iPhone garage door opener app or your Android garage door opener app.



How Does the iPhone Garage Door Opener Work?

Option 1

Install a new LiftMaster 8550W Beltdrive with battery back-up or the LiftMaster 8360 Chaindrive garage door opener with an optional battery back-up and add the LiftMaster 828LM Internet Gateway.

Once the opener is installed, the internet gateway is plugged into the router and registered at www.myLiftmaster.com just download the LiftMaster App from the App Store for the iPhone (iOS) or Android. Set the alerts up you want and worry less about leaving your garage door open.

LiftMaster 8550 beltdrive

Option 2

Upgrade any LiftMaster® Security+®, Chamberlain Security+®, Sears Craftsman Security+®garage door opener can be controlled with your smartphone, tablet or computer with the new 888LM MyQ® Control Panel when paired with the 828LM LiftMaster® Internet Gateway.

What that means to you is any Security+® chain drive, Security+® belt drive, or Security+® screw drive opener with a red/orange** or purple** learn code button from the above manufacturers can be controlled seamlessly with your smartphone, tablet or computer from anywhere!

Liftmaster security plus red and purple button

**(Find your colored learn button by following your wire/antenna up on your motor in the center of your garage. You will see a colored button close to the wire/antenna, it may be under the light cover, if it is red/orange or purple it will work!)
Garage door services check two Compatible with LiftMaster® Security+®, Sears Craftsman Security+® and Chamberlain Security+®
Garage door services check two Control and Monitor your garage door opener using a smartphone, tablet or computer
Garage door services check two Easy and fast installation using your in-home internet equipment
Garage door services check two No Annual Activation Fee
Garage door services check two Alerts – set an alert to notify you every time your garage door opens or closes by day, night or both
Garage door services check two Added safety and security
Garage door services check two  Convenience and piece of mind

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