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    Plano Christmas Cops Donation Drop-off Location A1 Affordable Garage Door Services 3303 N. Central Expwy, Ste 200, Plano, TX 75023

Bring Your Own Bike and Support the Plano Christmas Cops!

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Memories of receiving a bike at Christmas – What are yours?

This story tells about the happy memories of receiving a bike at Christmas

“Finally !  Christmas Eve was here and I could not wait to open the gifts waiting for me under the tree.  At the young age of 8, Christmas equates to a lot of new toys and candy to enjoy for the new year.  I had not even considered the impact of a gift that was not on my list for Santa to bring that year.  Christmas Eve seemed to last an eternity as I watched the second hand slowly tick minute by minute.

“Why can’t I just fast forward time!?” I thought to myself while laying in bed attempting to go to sleep.  I began to ponder what gifts my parents may have gotten me off of the list I had submitted to Santa that year.  These thoughts overwhelmed me with joy as I slowly creeped out of bed, cautiously opened my bedroom door, and proceeded to the living room, on my tippie toes, where I picked up each one of my presents and shook them in hopes of figuring out what it might be!

What seemed like hours passed as I shook the presents, “maybe it’s the joker action figure,  nah too bulky” I thought.  In one sudden moment of glory I saw the second hand touch 5 AM and sprinted to my parents bedroom to wake them up, this was the only time of the year that I would actually not give Mom or Dad any grief in the morning while attempting to resurrect myself from my warm bed.

Once Mom and Dad were up and moving I sprinted back to the living room screaming “Me first! Me First! Me first!”  Before my parents had entered the room and sat down, to enjoy the creation of a irreplaceable memory of happiness with their only son, I had ripped open three presents yelling ” YES!  BATMAN!! SANTA IS AWESOME!!, WOW!!  A REAL GI JOE!?  NO WAY!!!, YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! MORE BEANIE BABIES FOR MY COLLECTION!!  I LOVE YOU MOM AND DAD!!”

After I opened all of my presents I stood over my toys thinking about the epic battle soon to be enacted between my G.I. Joe and Batman when my father said “I have one more gift for you in the garage”, “what?” I thought “why would anything be in the garage as I quickly searched my list.”  The suspense of the unknown was eating me alive as my father opened the door to the garage.  To my amazement there was a big awkwardly wrapped present sitting directly in the center of the garage.

I began tearing the paper to shreds, seeking the knowledge of what present was so good that they hid it from me in the garage.  As the paper was falling off my eyes grew wide with excitement.  There it was, a black bicycle with gorgeous orange and red flames, red rims, and red grips to match.  I couldn’t believe my eyes!

 A BIKE!!  

EBlack bike with red rimsmotion overwhelmed me as my Dad opened the garage door, enabling me to see the world in a different perspective.  The feeling of getting my first bike was a huge milestone in my childhood and helped me to create priceless memories, of which are the one thing that no one can take from me. Who would have known that the gift I had not put  on my Christmas list would also induce an emotion filled  bonding experience with my parents that I can re-live vividly today, 16 years later, and for the rest of my life.” Story written by Sean O. Plano, TX

Every year, since 1984, the Plano Police Department (PPD) employees help local families in need.  The PPD collects and distributes food, toys, and jackets or coats to needy families in Plano.  Each of the families selected are referred by a Plano Police employee who has met the family through their police duties.  Several days before Christmas, Santa and his helpers in police uniforms make deliveries to families across Plano.  Plano Police Chief Gregory W. Rushin, a member of the Plano City Council and an alumni from the Plano Citizens Police Academy, along with family members of the PPD also participate in these deliveries, bringing happiness to the less fortunate children.

This year Jersey Mike’s in Richardson and A1 Affordable Garage Door Services in Plano have teamed up to collect double the bikes of last year for a grand total of 100 bikes!  Both companies will perform a short skit about the Christmas Cops Program at the weekly Business Interchange that meets every Friday morning.  

Anyone who wishes to give , including members of the chamber, is encouraged to donate $40 for a bike or $20 for a helmet and re-live the unique experience of receiving your first bike through another. 

The goal is to have 100 bikes to be presented to the
Plano Christmas Cops Program.

Christmas Cops is a registered 501(c)(3) charity and all sponsor donations will be individually acknowledged. As the program is operated entirely by volunteers, all donations directly benefit the Plano community.

Your donation WILL make a positive difference for the less fortunate in the Plano community.  We look forward to continuing as the delivery arm for the Plano community to take care of our own at this time of giving and caring.

Call Kris at A1 Affordable Garage Door Services for more information.

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