What To Do If Your Garage Door Spring Breaks

Broken spring - garage door repair

First, what exactly is a garage door spring?  Springs play a significant role in keeping your garage door together.  Springs play a major part in the operation of your garage door, unlike some other components, you’ll need to replace them if it breaks.  Springs are responsible for lifting your garage door which weighs hundreds of pounds.  It’s best to leave your garage door closed If the spring is broken.

Reasons Why Garage Door Springs Break

Here are some of the reasons garage door springs eventually break:

Wear and Tear – Garage door springs eventually break due to daily wear and tear.  The lifespan for a spring is commonly around 10,000 cycles.  A garage door going up and back down to close is considered one complete cycle.  Although 10,000 cycles seem like a lot, the daily cycles can quickly add up.

Rust – When rust develops on garage door springs, its lifespan is reduced dramatically.  Rain and humidity can cause rust to form on garage door springs and even the garage door itself.  Rust corrosion will cause your spring to break overtime. 

Lack of Proper Maintenance – Eventually your garage door springs will fail but you can still prolong their lifespan with proper maintenance.  Lubricating springs one or two times annually will help maintain your garage door spring.  Use wither white lithium or silicon spray which can be found at a local hardware store.

Which Garage Door Springs Do I Have?

Torsion Springs and Extension Springs are two types of springs you’ll encounter on a garage door.

Torsion Springs – Torsion springs are typically located above the garage door and end in metal fixtures called cones.  Torsion springs are coils made with large gauge steel wire. 

Extension Springs – Extension springs are extending springs attached to cables that retract as the garage door is being opened that counters the door’s weight.

Installation of Garage Door Springs Garage door springs can be tricky and without proper installation and maintenance it can be quite dangerous to handle on your own.  A1 Affordable Garage Door Repair Services are experts in installation and garage door repairs of any kind.  Give us a call today.  We are ready to get your garage door back in working order.  Serving Dallas and surrounding areas like Princeton, Prosper, Sachse.

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