Is It Dangerous to Replace a Garage Door Spring?

If you’re wondering if replacing a garage door spring is dangerous, the answer is Yes! Garage door
springs can be extremely dangerous. The tightly wound coils along with the extreme amount of tension,
of a garage door spring, can result in life-threatening injuries.
Risks of Replacing Your Garage Door Spring

With all the Do-it-Yourself videos and the availability to purchase garage door springs in most home-
improvement stores, you would think it would be something anyone could do. Right??? Wrong…

Replacing a garage door spring can prove to be dangerous without the proper training and equipment.
The garage door itself can be extremely heavy, starting with single doors weighing 130 pounds and
larger doors weighing in at 350 pounds or more. Serious injuries have been reported when
homeowners decided to change the garage door springs themselves. Damaged springs are under a lot
of tension and if they are improperly detached from the garage door a sudden release of energy can be
incredibly dangerous. This can result in broken bones, lacerations, and even death.

Buying the Wrong Garage Door Spring
There are two main types of springs, extension springs, and torsion springs. You’ll need to know which
type of springs your garage door uses since the wrong ones can be expensive to replace.

Bad Garage Door Installation
Bad installation is another aspect of replacing garage door springs. Several problems can occur from
improper installation such as faulty or an unbalanced door. An unbalanced door causes stress on the
door lifting systems which also can lead to more failures.

How to Tell Your Garage Door Spring is Broken
Broken garage door springs are easy to notice. The most obvious sign is your garage door is difficult or
impossible to open. Another sign is your garage door opener lifts the door about 3 inches and goes back
down. This is a very dangerous situation to be in because of all the stress on the door.
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