Are your Pool Chemicals Stored in the Garage?

Garage door repair SummerA relaxing day at the swimming pool is a great way to stay cool and refreshed in this HOT Texas summer heat. I’m sure you’re wondering why I am talking about pools especially from a garage door repair company.  It’s simple, pool chemicals rust garage doors, torsion springs and any hardware that is on your garage door and garage door opener not to mention your car (if you park inside the garage). The high concentration of chemicals keeps your pool clean from bacteria, but is also strong enough to corrode substances such as steel and copper.

If you have a pool or your neighbor does, where are the pool chemicals stored? Most homeowners keep the pool chemicals in the garage. It’s a logical place to keep them. There out of site but still convenient to be able to take care of the pool.

Pool Chemimals stored in GarageThe pool chemicals should be kept outside in a container that doesn’t have metal.  A good example would be like a hard plastic container that can be used as a bench to sit on. Why would I store my pool chemicals outside and not in the garage?

When you store your pool chemicals inside the garage over time any metal that is inside your garage will start to rust. When the parts on the garage door and garage door opener start to rust, it interferes with the function of both the garage door and the garage door opener. The contacts on the garage door opener become rusted, the opener may not work properly, the hinges become rusted, they start to rip or tear, the torsion springs above your door start to rust, the life expectancy is shortened drastically. I am sure you get the picture.

Why does it mater?

garage Door Broken SpringYou’re thinking, but the pool chemicals have a cover so why would that matter? If you walk into a store that sells pool chemicals, what does it smell like? Pretty strong chemical smell, right? The employees don’t go around and open all the containers to get that smell do they? Of course not, the chemicals “leak” out of the container and when it is in a closed space it can be pretty overwhelming. Your garage is closed all day and night, where do the chemicals go? On your metal hardware like your Garage Spring and Garage Door, if it is outside it can dissipate into the air and be blown away with the wind. This can possibly cause your garage door or Spring to wear out prematurely.

If you or someone you know has pool chemicals in their garage please let them know what may be happening to the parts of their garage door or garage door opener. Better yet forward this article to them to let them know.

 Enjoy the rest of your summer floating in your pool!

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