How Do Mice Get in Your Garage?

Mice in your garage can be awful! They like a warm place to nest. When the weather starts to change the biggest and best shelter is the Garage (Attics too!). Why you ask? Because the garage is a very large area they can come and go without being detected easily. Holes at the bottom of garage doors in the corners are the most common area for them to enter.

Mice in your garage

Garages in North Texas are used as a big storage area with cardboard boxes, furniture and other household items. This is a prime location to live and “chew” electrical wiring, cardboard boxes, paper and other household items.

What’s in your Garage for Mice to chew on?

Mice are particularly common in the garage. If you find one in your garage, you’re likely to find more. When your garage door was open, it’s possible that it “snuck” in, but they probably found some other way in. Listed below are some preventive steps to help keep mice out of your garage.

Stay mice free in your garage:

  • Tighten seals around access points. If there are openings leading from the outside of your house to the garage, you’re going to want to find a way to cover them up or reduce the opening width.
  • Check the attic. Do you have mice in your attic? If so, they are likely to have an easy path between the garage and the attic. Sealing all access from the outside to your garage is not effective if the mice are already inside the attic.
  • Another way out of your garage to drive pests is to make it less attractive. We have little reason to leave if mice go in search of food and find it.
  • Check the rubber seal at the bottom of your garage door for damage or holes. It helps to seal the opening of your garage while keeping your door and the ground beneath each other from being damaged.

    This is one of the areas where rodents are often trying to “chew” through. If your garage seal is damaged or flat contact us at A1 Affordable Garage Door Services to get it fixed right away and help prevent mice and other critters from getting into your garage.

    *An added bonus is to put steel wool in each end of the bottomseal. Mice Do Not like to “chew” the steel wool!
mice in your garage steel wool
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