Losing Business Identity

Losing your business identity to an unscrupulous competitor is easier than you think; protect your business internet identity now!

Recently I received a call from a solicitor wanting to gain our business thru SEO – Search Engine Optimization.  During that call the individual asked me if we were affiliated with another competitor.  I replied, “Absolutely not!  Why would you ask?” He proceeded to explain to me that when he searched a specific term with city and state on Google. This is what he found, the name of our company A1 Affordable Garage Door Repair Services, our phone number 972-398-1919 and a competitor’s website link.  When he clicked on the web link listed, it went to our competitor’s website. I tried the same search and couldn’t believe what I saw. But there it was:  our company name, our phone number that is listed in the internet yellow pages but with our competitor’s website address.  I was very upset and wondered how long this had been going on. What other keywords does he have this listed under?

I know that when people do a search on Google, the Google maps comes up first. There they see your company name, phone number and website link. I have been told most people will click on the web address link to check out your website and to see if you are a reputable company.  But if our potential customers were clicking on someone else’s web address, how much business had we lost because this other business was impersonating our company?  How long had this been going on…probably since the AT&T yellow page book was delivered…June of 2008?

The majority of our business comes through the Internet.  I am working on getting this identity theft corrected with Google. The problem is that it takes a very long time to get the correction completed. Google maps cannot be corrected until they are assured of your identity. So…while I wait for this postcard that will give me the information I need from Google, I’m sure we are losing a lot of business.

Please help us, and pass this along to everyone you know. Check and then password protect your internet listings. I wouldn’t want this to happen to anyone else.  If you know anyone that may need his or her garage door or garage door opener repaired, please give us a call so we can continue to offer you a reputable, honest, trustworthy service.  Call me at 972-877-5774 or visit our web site at www.repairgaragedoors.com

Kris O’Connor General Manager

A1 Affordable Garage Door Services

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